George Kusunoki Miller or also known as Joji (formerly known with his other aliases The Filthy Frank and Pink Guy) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, author, and former internet celeb and comedian.

He was born on September 19, 1992 in Osaka, Japan. He studied in an international school, Canadian Academy, in Kobe, Japan where he graduated in 2012. At the age of 18, the half-Japanes and half-Australian lad left Japan and traveled to the United States.

Miller enter the entertainment industry on his now defunct YouTube channels (DizastaMusic, TooDamnFilthy, and TVFilthyFrank) which consisted of rap songs, rants, extreme challenges, ukulele performances, and a humor show entitled The Filthy Frank Show.

While doing the show on his channel he preduced comedy hip hop under his alias Pink Guy.

His viral dance craze known as Harlem Shake was directly responsible for the debut of Baauer's Harlem Shake song atop the Billboard Hot 100.

In December 2017, he broke the news where he will retire his channel to focus on his music career under the name Joji and then later on released the EP In Tongues which peaked at number 58 on the Billboard 200. His debut studio album Ballads 1 on the other hand reachhed number 1 on Billboard's top R&B and hip-hop chart in November 2018, the first Asian-born artist to do so. 

At first, Miller intended to keep the music made under Joji a secret from his fanbase since many of them want his comedic music. That reason prompted him to release two singles (Thom and You Suck Charlie) under false alias and eventually led him to publicly announce on Instagram (January 2016) that he will be releasing a full-length project titled Chloe Burbank: Volume 1 with his SoundCloud link.

In 2017, several songs via YT channel of Asian music label 88rising were released on April 26, 2017 entitled I Don't Wanna Waste My Time and Rain on Me which was released on July 19, 2017. He then released an EP on November 3, 2017.

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