A group of Filipino re-created Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams

Amidst the widely threat COVID-19, a breath of fresh air was experienced by some young students, and Swifties, from Pampanga when the original director of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dream applauded the group’s re-creation of the said music video for their school requirement.

After garnering thousands of reaction on twitter, some fans tagged the original director, Joseph Khan, of the music video.

Beneath all the fame and recognitions, we are sure that some interesting things happened even before the post-production of the music video and so we asked them more about the video.

Jerome and Alanis, directors and Swifties, knew instantly that they have to do something related to Taylor Swift once their teacher announced their school requirement. After deliberation they’ve decided that they will do the Wildest Dream to utilize the empty lots around their area for the recreation of the field scene from the original video. And in lieu of wild animals, they have local livestocks, something they proposed to the group which others agreed on.

When asked about the creation process, here’s what Alanis said:

“The process was faster than we'd expected. It's actually easy because we're already familiar with what we can offer (individually) to the table, like how we didn't need to discuss that Guillermo would be the one to do the camera works and editing, that Justine and Paulo would play the main, since they're usually the leads when it comes to role-plays and short films (same with Diana, Earl, and Benedik who we knew could play their roles excellently), that Mikha would fit as stylist since she knows her way with clothes, or that Alex and Karen will be the ones in-charge with the props because they're the artists. They let Jerome and I direct because who would better direct a Taylor Swift music video project than Swifties themselves?”

Recreating a music video can be a tough job but recreating a TAYLOR SWIFT MUSIC VIDEO is a whole new level of difficulty. Her music videos are known to be grand and very meticulously done with a hefty amount of budget to spare.

Thankfully, with wild animals’ intervention, their group were able to replace wild animals with local ones. At first, they wanted to use of video clips of pigs to replace the lions but due to the African Swine Flu which affected pigs they were advised not to. Since one of their location is a rice field it was fortunate for them when a group of carabaos passed by. Another fun fact is their disclaimer ‘no animals were harmed in the making of this video’, apparently it was an inside joke since they found a dead chicken while filming the yellow dress scene so they decided to put the disclaimer even though the poor animal wasn’t shown.

Also, if you will look closely into details, some lion shots from the original video were replaced with… cats. The scene where a lion bared his teeth was replaced by a portrait of a cat and then another scene were Taylor dramatize beside a lion was replaced by Justine lip syncing beside a tractor under the brand Caterpillar Inc. or stylized as CAT (as seen on the music video).
Original Music Video

Filipino re-creation

Original Music Video

Filipino re-creation

Another help the group got is from some bikers who lend their lights to shoot the night scene.
Night scene with the help of the borrowed LED lights from some bikers

“We were having trouble shooting the night scene since we only had our phones to use as flashlights when some bikers saw us and they were generous enough to lend their LED flood light, which provided good lighting for the bridge part of the music video.”

When asked about their reaction with Joseph Kahn’s reaction here is what they have to say;

“It was unexpected! It didn't sink in immediately that the Joseph Kahn acknowledged our video, and even praised it. He's an amazing director, he's directed for Taylor, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, and so many more amazing artists. I think most of us started to realize how real it was when there were articles & people congratulating us. It's still so mind-blowing!”

Despite all the challenges they faced, resources, time-constraints, and other stuff, their main takeaway from this experience is that despite the limitations they knew that they can do great things especially when it’s something they are passionate about.

“Always do your best whatever you do. As long as you have the commitment to your work and the right people to work along with you, the results will surely turn out to be great and other people are bound to appreciate it too. It is a completely different experience to create something you love, because you made it with the people you trust and with the best of your talents.”

Watch the video here:

YOUTUBE (Extended Version with Behind the Scenes) :

Jerome Cortez
Alanis Renei Berja

Cinematography and Edting:
Guillermo Quizon

Justine Manalansan (Taylor Swift)
Paulo Mendoza (Male lead)
Earl Justin Lagman (Director)
Karen Mae Bengco (Supporting Actress)
Alexander Singque (Supporting Actor)
Benedik Tuaño (Supporting Actor)
Mikhaella Santos (Supporting Actress)
Diana Rose David (Supporting Actress)

Mikhaella Santos 

Karen Mae Bengco 
Alexander Singque

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