Who is Keshi or Casey in real life?

Keshi or Casey Luong in real life was born on November 4,1994. He is a registered nurse from Houston and also a hip-hop lo-fi singer garnering millions of hit across different streaming platforms from his home studio.

The Houston raised singer/musician is a master of hypnotic songs which will make you want to dance all night long with dim lights.

Keshi released 'over u', his first song, that people best describe as bittwersweet banger.

According to Casey, the name Keshi is a nickname by his girlfriend's family who are of Japanese descend. He first used Keshi to hide his identity so that nobody will know who he was.

Keshi's music inspirations are John Mayer, Drake, Joji, DJ Yung Vamp, Beside You, Swamp, and more.

Keshi began his music career under his real name but later went under different alias when he released his EP if you're not the same for me who is on October 23, 2016. After two more EP he landed a record deal with Island Records in 2019.

After his signing he released his fourth EP skeletons and went on a sold-out project in September 2019.

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