Interview: Sparsh Dangwal and the future of Pop Music in India

Sparsh Dangwal holds the future of Pop Music in India

Indian singer Sparsh Dangwal is breaking out Bollywood scene stereotype by creating more diverse music and holding the future of Pop Music in India.

This 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Mumbai, India is currently on his few years in college where he studies Engineering specializing in Information Technology, a field we all know Indians are fond and excelled with.

Just like most of the other musicians, Sparsh's first inclination towards music was greatly influenced by a show he has watched when he was in his 5th grade. He was in awe when a senior played a song from the one of the greatest band Linkin Park.

"I was just so attracted to the way he was playing the guitar and singing and how the whole crowd was cheering. That’s when I decided that I would start learning guitar and got one." Sparsh recalled.

Choosing artistic life, especially music in general, is a very hard decision for everyone. It takes a lot of effort, perseverance, setbacks, and a very long time before someone can finally say they succeed, but imagine being on Sparsh's shoe where he comes from a very rich and established culture that is very independent and hard to break.

Bollywood and Hindi Music creates this another world of music that is very independent of other genres throughout the world, the culture where they originated is very rich as well that's why someone who is breaking barriers is like asking to pass through a bricked wall with only a dagger to use to let some hole come through.

"Being in a Bollywood dominant industry, I have been making international pop music. While mostly the industry here does commercial Hindi songs that have no lyrical sense, I write songs that talk about my real-life experiences and dreams. The fact that makes me sad is that being surrounded by such rich culture and music." Sparsh always feels the needs to express his expressions, emotions, and life experiences through his songs.

When asked how hard it is to defy the Hindi Music and how his friends and family took his decision he said-

"This is something I have been struggling with. Initially, my parents were not very supportive for my music because they are not into English music at all and also because I did not go to learn music anywhere they had no idea what I was up to. But, recently everyone has been supportive of me and watching the response and the increase in my fanbase I know realized that everyone is trying to help me do what I want to."

The interview with Sparsh showcased how practical and how he values his family so much. He plans to finish his degree in Engineering and pursue his music after. Just like other children to their parents, he wants to find ways to give them the assurance that he can make a living out of his passion despite having difficulty finding local labels in India which limits his music opportunities. He shared that it is very difficult to survive in India especially when you don't have proper job security but he is very optimistic and has a lot of perseverance under his sleeves so it's not a doubt that we will make it.

"No Indian artist has ever got into Billboard Top 10 so I am trying to make a change and bring up the international pop music scene in India." 

Every artist always has a dream place, stadium, or arena to perform and Sparsh did not hold back.

"I might sound very ambitious saying it at this point of my career but I really want to do sold-out out show at Wembley Stadium one day. Performing at Glastonbury festival is also something I really want to do."

We are sure that he will climb Billboard and perform at Wembley.

Sparsh carries great potential not just for himself but for the future of Pop Music in India

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  1. I have heard Sparsh's songs... He's truely the future of Pop music, representing India... He's a Banger!!! 💙💙🔥🔥

  2. Very good Sparsh Dangwal...keep it up. Best wishes.

    Dr Raja Benipal

  3. Sparsh is just amazing, he's sure about what he wants and by all means everytime he proves it.. He is an amazing singer with such soothing magical voice .. he's itself a vibe for me.. 💙