Interview: Declan J Donovan on music, family, quarantine, and shooting his Tangerine Skies MV

Interview with Declan Donovan

Declan J Donovan who rebel against the absurd and turn his Bestman Speech to a heartfelt song entitled Fallen so Young took our challenge and shared with us an impromptu lyric for his two favorite nephews on our interview. In this interview he talks about his music, family, being in quarantine, and shooting his Tangerine Skies Music Video.

Unlike other artists, Declan didn't know from the start what to make of his likes career-wise. Growing up, he never thought music is an option for him, he thought of going down the flow of life, finish college, attend university, graduate, and find a job.

Declan J Donovan is a British singer-songwriter from Essex. He came to fame after his trending song from his brother's wedding in 2016 which he thought would be his first and last stint in music creation since he's really not that invested that much in music during those times.

Often times he'll hear words of encouragement from his peers with regards to his songwriting and how he should continue writing but he just shrugs them off, not taking it seriously.

Thankfully, he came to his senses giving us much needed music. 

The Daily Mix Mag was fortunate that Declan J Donovan accommodates us for a quick interview.

When asked who are his musical influences he told us that his biggest influence in music he shared that when it comes to vocals Matt Corby has always been one of him. He also shared that at the beginning there's an artist called 'City and Colour' who became his influence in playing his guitar.

"My influences in the beginning were an artist called ‘City and Colour’ his music back then really influenced how I play guitar to this day! And my biggest influence with my vocals has always been Matt Corby."
After he recorded Fallen so Young and publish it online, he slowly rose to fame and currently have quite a number of songs under his belt together with an EP, and sold-out shows.

When asked to describe his songwriting process, Declan J Donovan usually has to start with a melody while he's playing a guitar or piano.

"My song writing process always starts on a guitar or piano. I don’t always have a specific topic to write about so when I’m coming up with melody ideas I might sing a certain word that sparks an idea for a song. Then once I have my guitar/piano part and melody I always finish with lyrics!"
If you heard some of his songs and his song covers of various music artist, you can easily distinguish his voice. His voice blends well but gives this distinct tone that gives his songs his own branding. We told him how we have this tone that associates a song to him instantly and ask to describe it and he finds his tone, here's his answer.

"That’s very kind! Thank you! I’d be the worst person to describe my voice but I guess I found it by listening to so much music growing up and adapting my voice around all the music I loved."

It is safe to say that Declan J Donovan is one of those artists who doesn't hold back his emotion, they are personal on some levels. When asked how hard or easy it is to pour his emotions to his songs he said that at first it was hard for him to talk about his emotions but now he wears them on his sleeve. He strives to be as honest as he can when it comes to writing music because that's what he loved about his favourite artists. 
"I used to find it so hard to talk about my emotions, but these days I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve and it doesn’t take much for me to open up to people about how I’m feeling. I just love being as honest as I can be in my songwriting because that’s what I’ve always loved about my favourite artists"
The pandemic situation is also hard for him, cancelled tours and shows, and being away from his friend and family like most of us. When asked how he's been and what keeps him busy right now, he assured his fan that he's completely fine and he's been creative lately while focusing on his mental health.
"I’m actually finding it completely fine! I obviously miss my friends and family, and of course touring! But I’ve been feeling so creative since the lockdown started, and really focusing on my own mental health which has been very nice."
While in quarantine Declan J Donovan was sent a camera and was tasked to film his self for the music video of his single Tangerine Skies and it's one of a kind! 

We tested his creative juices and ask to come up with a line for his two wonderful nephews! Since he wrote a song for his brother's wedding, we believe his two tiny humans would appreciate a song from their favourite cool Uncle!
"Haha amazing! Lemme think..Maybe lockdown related? "

Seeing your faces for 5 minutes a day 
Through a window is keeping me sane
If that doesn't prove our point that he is a cool Uncle then feel free to check his Instagram page- we may or may not have stalked him for research purposes of course.

Declan J Donovan and nephew Ollie

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BEST MATE 💙 love you more than life Ollie 🦸‍♂️
( via @declanjdonovan Instagram Page )

Declan J Donovan with nephew Max

"Merry Christmas from baby Max and his uncle Dec 💙🎅🏻x"
( via @declanjdonovan Instagram Page )

Declan J Donovan is definitely a family guy. A loving son, brother, and the coolest Uncle Dec his nephews Max and Ollie could ask for that's why it wouldn't be a shocker if a lot of girls will swoon over him.

Being one of the role models of his nephews we asked him how important and what lesson he wants Ollie and Max learn from him, and he said:
"I grew up being able to express my feelings as much as I wanted, my mum always supported every mad decision I wanted to make haha! So whenever I see them or babysit I just want them to know that they should never be scared about feeling a certain way or wanting to do something!"
Declan J Donovan is definitely someone to look out for. He is a constant giver to his fans who keep on giving his best that he can. We asked him some random trivial question; Through your music, you keep on giving people happiness. If you were to receive a gift that will definitely make your day what would it be and why?
"Right now during lockdown everything is closed so the first thing that comes to mind is a McDonald’s haha! A Big Mac would really make my day right now."
Sadly, we're all just human being and must be deprived of the things we want at times. When he come and visit the Philippines, a Big Mac is on us!

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