Lauv's El Tejano music video and how a bar and restaurant made it to ~how i'm feeling~ album

Lauv's released a new music video for his song El Tejano featuring Sofia Reyes.

When the song first came out a lot of people asking who is that girl Lauv talks about in his song El Tejano? Who is this girl that got his attention and became worthy of a whole song?

Well, it turns out that Lauv didn't write the song because of a girl but more because of a food place!

El Tejano was actually a song about a place Lauv and his friend usually go to hang and chill in downtown LA.
"It means ‘The Texan,’ I believe. You know when you move to a new city and quickly find your spots? We found this bar and restaurant [in downtown LA] called El Tejano, and I started going there three or four times a week. It’s just the most chill place and they’ve got a good fish taco. Me and my best friends are always joking about making a song about it, and one day we finally got the song right, I knew it had to be on the album. When I sent [Sofía] the song, the way I knew it was perfect and meant to be is she was like, ‘Yo, I actually love El Tejano. I go there all the time.’"- Lau via Apple Music

The music video has the exact amount of character! Equal spice, fun, dance, and sexiness!

In the video, Lauv shows his fun side with a bit of sexiness that can compete with Latina babe Camilla Cabello for giving us the vibe!

El Tejano is part of Lauv's album he released in 2020 entitled ~how I'm feeling~.

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