Contrary to their song, LANY's song 'good guys' is already winning

LANY released their first single 'good guys' off their 2020 album entitled mama's boy!

After their huge success with their Malibu Nights album that was released in 2018, and numerous sold-out shows all over the world. LANY finally released their first single and we are digging it!

On the day of the release, Paul Klein told fans to not do the right things for the wrong people.
"pls don’t spend ur whole life trying to do the right things for the wrong ones."
It can be noticed that the single is somehow in relation to LANY's Good Girls from their 2017 self-titled album.

'good guys' is giving us a whole different vibe from the band's previous album Malibu Nights

It sounds different and giving us a peek of the new kind of music the band is creating, a new era of LANY!

But no matter what phase, era, or sound they'll have for sure they'll be as great as they are right now.

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