Interview: Johnny Orlando on his upbringing, stardom, making ripples despite his young age, and his heart's current state

Johny Orlando talks about music, his love life, family, and his stardom

Youtube star turned musician Johnny Orlando is making big ripples despite his young age!

Johnny Orlando who started his career on Youtube covering songs seven years ago is now blasting every speaker worldwide with his own songs. The Youtube star first garnered attention when he started uploading videos of him covering songs from his different artists, and he got his game on!

With videos garnering hundreds of thousands and even millions of views, Johnny Orlando is really good at what he does. To date, one of his videos on his Youtube channel currently has 53 million views. His Shawn Mendes cover of Stitches reached 53 million.

Fast forward to now, with sold-out shows and some originals under his belt, there is no denying that Johnny Orlando is a true-blooded musician despite his young age.

While some thought that being young is a disadvantage to him, the Canadian musician thinks otherwise.

When asked what is his edge from other artists, he said that being able to grow with his fan and connecting to them as they all navigate through adolescence is his advantage since a lot of his supporters are close to his age.

 "The Daily Mix: You are young and yet you already speak volume. What do you think is your edge among other artists that are way older and have experienced much more shenanigans in their life than you have? 

 Johnny Orlando: I think it’s cool to be young and in the music industry because I am able to write about everything that I am experiencing right now as I navigate my teenage years. I think my fans can relate to my music in a way that they might not be able to relate to another artist who is older than them. It’s cool because my fans and I have kind of all been able to grow up together."

True enough, his songs talk about love, growing up, anxiety, and fear, which are the most humane emotions a lot of young kids are experiencing right now.

With a massive influx of teens being on social media or just the internet in general, growing in the limelight has never been an issue for him. Sharing videos of himself online as earlier as an 8-year-old kid, Johnny Orlando is in the limelight for half of his life and that's the 'normal' for him.

 "TDM: You posted your first video when you are just 8 years old, now it's safe to say that the year you are in the spotlight outnumbered the years you are behind the limelight. How hard it is to get some privacy when you've been a public figure for most of your life? How do you maintain the normalcy of your life?


JO: It can definitely be hard sometimes to have a private life offline, but my fans are honestly really respectful about that kind of stuff. Because I have been online for so many years, it’s kind of just become a part of life now, and is my ‘normal.’ When I’m not traveling or on tour, I go to regular school and live in Toronto, so that has definitely helped balance everything out."

Aside from attending regular school in Toronto, Johnny Orlando's grounded upbringing is a joint effort of his parent and their whole family to ensure their kids a life that's as normal as it can be.

 "TDM: You have been on social media for quite some time already and you started very early. How was your lifestyle/fame affected your upbringing?


JO: I’ve been pretty lucky because my parents have made a big effort to have me live as normal a life as possible. I still get to go to a normal school and hang out with regular kids [and be as regular as I can be], but I also get to travel the world and have so many amazing opportunities."

Like all of us, Johnny Orlando is staying low-key with all the quarantine and pandemic going on around the world. But despite it all, the creator in him still finds ways to be productive to cope. Aside from being active on social media and connecting with his fans, Johnny Orlando recently shared his song See You- Official Video where he was shown inside his bedroom while on quarantine.

Johnny Orlando is not stopping anytime soon, it's actually the opposite and he'll take all his fans for a wild ride.

Johnny Orlando got his first-ever Europe Music Award for Best Canadian Act at the 2019 EMAs and some recognition and nomination such as the 2019 JUNO Awards for Breakthrough Artist, Kids' Choice Awards, iHeart Much Music Video Awards, and the 2019 Teen Choice Awards.

He also went on with his North American and European tour in support of his EP Teenage Fever.

Despite being accomplished Johnny Orlando still have a lot of plan to offer to his massive supporters. Songs, shows, tours, he got it all covered- but after this pandemic.

 "TDM: You are only 17 years old and yet already accomplished things, awards under your belt, chart-topping songs, tours, sold-out shows, what is next for Johnny Orlando?

 JO: I’ve been working towards my debut album so I would definitely say that is up next very soon. I also really want to go on a full world tour and visit some of the countries I haven’t been able to visit yet. Obviously, things are on hold a bit because of the pandemic, but I’m still working and recording so much new music so I’m ready as soon as this is all over."

Growing up performing on the internet is different from performing live. Contrary to other beliefs, Johny Orlando actually had some nervous moments performing live no matter how comfortable he is with all the acknowledgment he gets from the internet.

 "TDM: You started on Youtube first and by the time you perform some gigs so you're probably used to the spotlight but how different it is to be playing live shows? What is your worst and best gig so far?


JO: My worst gig was probably my first real live show ever. I think I was around 12 or 13, I was so nervous. Since then I have gotten a lot more comfortable performing, and now it is my favourite thing to do. My last tour was really special, it was the first time I ever had the crowd screaming every single word back to me every night. It was the best feeling ever."

Asia is one of the most diverse continents with a burning passion for music and arts. Somehow, despite the stretch of land between the continent and where Johnny Orlando is currently in, a strong fanbase was created and a lot of cry of admiration was shown with the help of the internet.

 "TDM: You are big in the Philippines, and Filipino fans are known to be all out when they found someone they idolize and relate to. Any chance to add the Philippines on your next tour? What is your message to your Filipino fans?


JO: Definitely! I have seen the amazing support from my Filipino fans for years, and I can’t wait to finally be able to go on tour there. I plan on coming as soon as this pandemic passes, and I’m so excited! I just want to say thank you so much to all of my Filipino fans for all of their support, I love you guys so much and I will SEE YOU soon!"

(We know what you did there. SEE YOU soon. *stream Johnny Orlando's song SEE YOU.)

Of course, we pry over his current state with regards to his love life because for sure a lot of fangirls are waiting for it. A lot of rumors are still on so we ask him once and for all.

 "TDM: What is the state of your love life? If you are to choose a song that best represents your love life what would it be?

 JO: I am very single right now... if I could choose a song that represents my love life right now it would be “To Be So Lonely” by Harry Styles haha."

Okay, he's single but the song that represents his love life right now is somehow showing some hidden emotions so there's that.

Written by: Ma. Teresa M. Gueco

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