Anson Seabra's Much-Awaited Single Hurricane

Anson Seabra most awaited single Hurricane

Breakout star Anson Seabra has amassed over 250 million streams globally in two years - no easy feat for an independent artist. This week, the singer/songwriter has released his highly anticipated track "Hurricane", a delicate tune in his signature style of dreamy melodies and perfectly controlled vocals. "Hurricane" is a follow-up to his debut EP 'Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom', which was released in May of this year to great success.

Speaking of the track, Seabra says "Hurricane is a really special song for me. I wrote it over a year ago on my first writing trip to LA, and I remember getting the demo back and literally laughing out loud because of how much I liked it. The soft vocal melody, the simple guitar, the intimacy of it all. I just love it. The song is about a relationship that feels safe at first but then goes downhill as things spiral out of control. I think everyone has been involved in a situation like that in one way or another, so there's a big component of relatability. Sometimes the thing that seems perfect for you in the beginning, can end up being what's worst for you in the end."

A relatively fresh face on the scene, Seabra has been making waves and tugging at heartstrings across the globe. Combining carefully-crafted melodies with gripping, emotional lyrics, Seabra's music has a distinct magical quality that pulls listeners in almost instantly. 

His debut EP released earlier this year is completely comprised of music that he wrote and produced in his bedroom; it’s been streamed over 79 million times to date, with Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur nestled in his Top 10 Cities based on monthly listeners. His YouTube channel has garnered over 82 million views in the past two years and his TikTok channel has grown to an audience of 1.2 million followers in just one year.

Anson Seabra has proven that he has undeniable promise, and the rest of 2020 is his for the taking. 

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