No-filter Edens Back release debut EP's first single 'It Don't Mean Jack'

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Edens Back, commonly known as Edensal Backidious, was born in the Himilayas to a Monk and a famous Himalayan goat Geoff in the 1500’s and on the 4th September 2020 she releases her debut single ‘It Don’t Mean Jack’ taken from her forthcoming EP.

Edens Back is bold in her approach, fierce in her delivery and smooth in her execution as she makes her first statement and unforgettable entrance with ‘It Don’t Mean Jack’. The single is a reflection of Edens fiery and unquestionably alluring character, brought to life in equal parts the stomping beat and her distinctive vocals.

Speaking on the track, Edens explains; “’It Don’t Mean Jack’ is all about loving the parts of yourself that everybody else hates. I've been told (too many fucking times) that I swear too much and that I'm way too loud. This song is a fuck you to all of those people, because at the end of the day, your opinion of me, it don't mean jack.”

Edens Back may be a new name on the block, but her bold sound, contemporary-edgy artistic integrity and perfect understanding of her vision seamlessly work together to propel her towards musical glory that even veterans of the business would be jealous of. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Edens Back spent most of her life growing up on the Sunshine Coast, spending a short stint of time in China, before arriving and settling in the UK in 2016.  

Growing up with a deep-rooted love for music, Edens spent her early years discovering artists who have since proven to be some her key inspirations in her musical life. From Jamiroquai to Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin to Led Zeppelin, Edens Back takes influence from her wide-ranging taste in music to create a sound reminiscent of times past, whilst remaining contemporary, fresh and true to herself.

Edens’ stride into the world of writing and performing music was almost a complete accident. After her move to London, Edens’ friends were the driving force in persuading her to take the prospect of treating music as a career more seriously. Kicking off her career in a true DIY-style, one of Edens’ first performances was to a crowd that gathered around her in one of Central London’s busy parks. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Having then auditioned for a range of TV music shows and continuing to play a vast range of shows across the UK, Edens quickly realised where her future laid within the music world, and knew she had to make it her full-time gig. In her own words, she woke up one day, quit her very corporate office job, whilst gleamingly giving her bosses the middle finger. Since that day, Edens has worked tirelessly with a range of writers and producers and has now found her authentic, real sound in her songs including “It Don’t Mean Jack”, “Number One” and “Bang Bang!”. 

“I’m pretty fucking mental, if you haven’t realised already” says Edens. “I don’t have a filter *and one day that might bite me in the ass. Until then, why would you want to conform to what’s deemed normal?*”

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