Rising K-pop group OnlyOneOf release 'Produced by [ ] Part 2’

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Emergent K-pop group OnlyOneOf has released ‘Produced by [ ] Part 2’, sustaining their work with notable producers in creating genre-bending music. The EP sees the group collaborating with top-tier producers GroovyRoom (CHUNG HA, Sik-K, Nell), Samuel Seo (GRAY, Verbal Jint, Giriboy) and JR Groove. It is available now to purchase and stream here: ffm.to/onlyoneofproducedbypart2

K-pop idol music has become a genre with a few typical characteristics – perfectly synchronised choreography, and for boy groups, a concept surrounding rebellion and meandering youth. In creating ‘Produced by [ ] Part 2’, OnlyOneOf has travelled off the beaten path, questioning the norm to rediscover themselves.

Premiered via TikTok ahead of the EP's release, the lead single “a sOng Of ice and fire” was produced by prolific musical duo GroovyRoom. Inspired by the series "Game of Thrones", the song's lyrics reflect a conflict between ice and fire. For the final touch, the track's intensity is perfectly conveyed through OnlyOneOf's charismatic performance. With the music video attracting almost 450,000 views since its release, “a sOng Of ice and fire” has proven to be a hit among fans and casual listeners alike.
To encourage fans to go beyond simply listening to the song, OnlyOneOf also launched the “ASOIAF challenge” under #asoiaf on TikTok. Fans can cover the main dance move or freely show off their talent using the “a sOng Of ice and fire” sound.

Produced by Samuel Seo, “blOOm” is all about beginnings, a concept that is common, yet unique to every individual. Elements of future R&B and retro music add to the track's relaxed atmosphere. Seo commented, "I wanted the theme to be about how OnlyOneOf will bloom with this song. So this song aims to add a flowery beauty, depicting their full bloom."

Last but not least, the track “Off angel”, produced by JR Groove, is a response to the track “angel (Prod. GRAY)” in ‘Produced by [ ] Part 1’. The soulful song tells of the "Off angel" with no wings. While far from being heaven's ideal, the "Off angel" is not an object worthy of only pity. Through this track, OnlyOneOf appeals to listeners to embrace their current selves. Based on JR Groove's song “A Walk in November”, the ballad is the product of the group's venture outside chilled-out R&B and upbeat EDM.

Released earlier this year, ‘Produced by [ ] Part 1’ was a spin-off from OnlyOneOf's dot-line-plane series, which represents the group's wish to share their growth. Member Rie elaborates, "“time leap” from the first mini album ‘dot point jump’ signified a point, and “sage” from the second mini album ‘line sun goodness’ represented a line. Our song “dOra maar”, released in January, and this new EP, ‘Produced by [ ] Part 1’, are the steps progressing from that line to a plane. All the albums released so far are connected to one another."

With ‘Produced by [ ] Part 2’, OnlyOneOf have retained the continuity of their musical themes, while outdoing themselves once again. Billboard couldn't have been more right in including the group in their 5 New K-Pop Acts to Watch in 2020 list, as they continue to surprise their audience and draw new fans.

OnlyOneOf consists of Nine (vocalist, beatmaker, maknae), Mill (rapper), Rie (vocalist, dancer), Junji (vocalist, dancer), Love (leader, main vocalist), Yoojung (dancer) and KB (rapper, producer).

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