Jeremy Zucker's 'love is not dying' album

Jeremy Zucker first album love is not dying is out now

Jeremy Zucker released his first-ever album entitled 'love is not dying' on April 17, 2020.

The album is 43 minutes and 53 seconds long with 15 tracks.

Here is a list of the tracks of the album:
we're fucked, it's fine
somebody loves you
good for her
not ur friend
full stop
hell or flying
always, i'll care
oh, Mexico
you were good to me (bonus track)
come thru (bonus track)

Zucker did not disappoint his ever-loyal fans with another masterpiece.

A lot of people noticed how the album masterfully connected with each other through the transition, outros, and meanings.

Some tracks from the album are outros that are internationally separated from the previous songs to symbolized a passing season of feelings.

Jeremy Zucker just keeps on outdoing himself again and again and we don't have any choice but stan harder.

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