Interview: Gavin Haley on quarantine canceled plans, family, and new music

Gavin Haley on his quarantine plans, family, and new music

Gavin Haley like most of us who are forced to stay in our houses with a lot of canceled plans throughout the year is actually having a great time, so far, and has taken a lot of reading and writing.

"The Daily Mix: How’s life in quarantine? What keeps you busy? 

Gavin Haley: Life is great :) I’ve been reading and writing a lot, watching lots of anime also."
Yep, we saw how he enjoyed watching the anime The Avatar: The Last Airbender or also know as The Avatar: The Legend of Aang on his Instagram posts and stories and we share the same fondness for the anime.

Before Gavin Haley started his musical journey, he was into cyclocross and was even part of the US national team. Contrary to the belief of many, the unfortunate accident of Gavin Haley wasn't the nail to the coffin that brought him to music. He went back to cycling after that accident but his recovery for that accident is what made him realized how he loves music, so his last year in riding was somehow a reflection for him.

His 3-4 hours of training rides involve a lot of conversation with himself, and that's when he decided to pursue music.

Gavin's first single Fades Away became a hit in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

Like a lot of musicians, his upbringing somehow influenced his love for music being part of a choir for their Church's Sunday mass service where he found the worship band as the most interesting thing part of it. 

In his previous interview, he also shared that he would challenge himself to individualize every musician's part in a band of 8-9 people and hear everyone's part as their own.

"I always assumed that everyone heard music [the way] how I heard it. I thought that when someone sang, they would hear the possible piano notes that could be placed behind their vocals. I think I was writing in my mind way before I even started music." he added.

When asked about his creative writing process he said that he gets inspiration with life and the emotions it brings.

"TDM: What is your creative writing process? When do you usually get to write your hit songs? 
GH: Just getting inspired by life in general and the emotions it brings. Songs come about all the time, you can't really decide when you're going to be inspired. I feel like it just happens. "
While some artists struggle to write music, Gavin Haley, on the other hand, has created hundreds of demos. When asked what helps him decide if a specific song is enough and if it's worth the shot, he answered this:

"TDM: You are one of those people who have hundreds of demos under their sleeves and yet releases only those you feel have really “got it”. How do you know when a song is good enough? 

GH: Honestly it changes a lot. My songs all have different meanings and they hit different depending on what I'm going through. I don't think it's about it being good enough I just try to drop the music that means the most to me at that time."
One fact that we should know about Gavin Haley is that he is a vegan and is very focused on his health and wellbeing. Since he was an athlete, he guards his health and what he eats. 

"TDM: As far as we know you are a vegan, can you please share how did it start, what are the struggles, and what is your vegan lifestyle?

GH: My health has been a life journey and really got serious with it after I stopped athletics. I was dealing with a lot of physical problems and pain. And I don't really have many struggles with what I eat, [but] just mainly can't go out with the homies as much haha"
Like us, Gavin Haley also has a person whom he looks up to, and for him, it's the great Muhammad Ali.

"TDM: An interview said that you look up to Muhammad Ali, can you share a principle that you learn from him that is applicable in music, cycling, and your life in general?

GH: [Mainly] it's his self-belief, his vocal ability to manifest anything, and how he carried himself- never backing down from his beliefs. I'm from Louisville Kentucky so growing up there, he was my inspiration.
 I feel like if you believe in yourself to the point of wanting something to happen, you can close your eyes and see it happening, and Muhammad Ali was a prime example of that. "
If you've seen Gavin Haley's social media handles you'll see how close he is with his family. That's why when he was still cycling he always make sure to take some time off to FaceTime them.

"TDM: How was it growing up in a big family? Your house is probably always full of action, how do you bond with your siblings?

GH: Four sisters and two brothers, [and] never a dull moment. We all were homeschooled to a certain point so we just grew up together and were always around [and] that for sure was a time I'll never forget and we've always been close in our own ways. "

Aside from having a big family, Gavin Haley is also blessed with talented ones. Gavin and his sibling usually bond together and sing. Like this one when he and his sister danced to his current single 2FU.

And this video where they had a quick jam over Gavin Haley's Tati.

A post shared by gavin haley (@gavinhaley) on

"TDM: You have a very talented family! You've shared some clips on your IG page of you and your sisters singing together. How do you help each other hone your crafts? 

GH: We just have fun and jam together [and as much as possible] try and be positive always."

One of our favorite posts on his Instagram page is the one when his sister Summer sang with him on stage, it was so precious. We ask him what advice he can give to Summer, he said that to be authentic and to not change for other people.

"TDM: One of our favorite posts you have on IG is the post where your sister Summer sang with you on stage! A sure star in the future, how do you help her discover her own spotlight and what piece of advice do you want her to take from you?

GH: Honestly, I learn from her. She loves being on stage and she's so gifted at expressing herself. My only advice for anyone is to just hold on to that. Don't change for people. Be authentic, always."

Despite the sudden change of plan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gavin Haley promises to give more music this 2020 that we should all look out for.

While in quarantine, he released his latest sing 2FU on May 11. 

Gavin Haley has proven himself a lot of things and keeps pushing through for more. For some he's still that cyclist, a musician, a vegan, a cool brother- but when asked what he wants other people to know him as he answered as honestly as he can.

"TDM: You are known as a cyclist, a musician, a former choir member, a vegan, a brother to your siblings, a child to your parents, a great friend to your friends, but who is Gavin Haley? How do you want people to know you?
GH: I'm a light [person], someone who smiles often and can share that good energy."

When everyone aspires to be famous, he wants people to see him as a ball of light that hopes to brighten up anyone's day.

To listen and know more about Gavin Haley's happenings, you can click here.

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